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hello, my name is Heaven Leigh . I'm twenty -- two and from the midwest. I'm married to the sweetest husband ever. His name is chris and we've been together for five years.
We have a two year old little boy named Kaden.

I may come off very sweet, bit of a ditz, and a sailor mouth.♥
Nails. Cupcakes. Skulls. Ripped Jeans. Kittens. Candy. Fall. Animal Print. Glitter. Pizza. Luxeries. Boobs. Make-Up. Piercings. Sex. Food. Iphones. Thongs.

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Q: Who edited your theme? A: s0uthernsweetheartt did. Q: Who made your banner? A: s0uthernsweetheartt did as well. Q: Do you follow back? A: No I do not. Q: check out my blog? A: Sure, if you ask nicely. Q: follower count? A: None of your concern.

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xokelseyy: I was looking at the wrong youtube channel. I found yours, so ignore the whole thing about the mountain scene lol. So are you wanting the banner to replace the gray triangle banner/thing? lol

Yeah the rectangle behind my icon.

Replied: Sep 22, 14